Weather Policy


The WaterVentures staff will always do its best to continue with a scheduled visit when the weather is not optimal (i.e. rain, winds, hail, lightning/ thunder or impending weather).  In certain cases a visit may be cancelled due to weather issues and this call will be at the discretion of the WaterVentures team. In some instances the weather may prevent the staff from offering the outdoor learning stations, but will not require cancellation. In the event this happens modification to the established schedule will be needed.  The WaterVentures team will work with the contact person to modify the schedule upon arrival or as the weather changes.

 Students will not be allowed at the vehicle when there are extremely high winds, lightning and/or thunder. The WaterVentures truck is prohibited from using the awning in high wind situations or on rainy days as it is merely meant to act as a shade barrier. 

 Unfortunately rescheduling programs cancelled due to weather may not be an option.  It is important to recognize that the safety of visitors and WaterVentures staff is a priority for WaterVentures.  We greatly appreciate your understanding when weather issues occasionally intervene.

 In the event of a Tornado Watch the staff will need to close the outside learning stations and continue with the inside of the vehicle assuming the weather is permitting.  Should the Watch turn to a Warning the staff will release the students to the teachers to be escorted back to school. 

 In the event of a Tornado Warning the WaterVentures staff will not allow any students in the vehicle.  All staff will take cover inside the school until the Warning is over.  At that point in time the schedule will be modified to take into consideration the time lost. 


Thank you for your understanding,

WaterVentures Management