Online Pre/Post Test Links

The Pre/Post-Test should only be administered to students at or above the 4th grade level. Please administer the Pre-Test prior to any field trip preparations with your students and the Post-Test after the students have visited the WaterVentures exhibit. Teachers may review the WaterVentures material with the students prior to taking the Post-Test.

To administer the digital Pre/Post-Test select the link* for either pre or post test (please pay careful attention to which link is to the Pre-Test and which is to the Post-Test), and have each student complete the online survey. Answers will be automatically sent upon completion of the survey.

*The link is set up to be used at multiple computers.  If students take the test using only one computer please use the back/refresh button or reinsert the link into the address bar after each student completes the test.

 Test Links for all schools


WaterVentures PRE Test: January-March 2020

WaterVentures POST Test: January-March 2020