Media Toolkits for Schools

Media Toolkit

With the help of Zephyrhills® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, WaterVentures’ leading sponsor, we’ve developed this information packet ahead of our visit. This is intended to provide you with everything you need to know about WaterVentures, and equip you with tips and tools to help share the experience your students will have with parents and your larger community. By spreading the word about WaterVentures to your local community you’re helping in our mission to educate Floridians about caring for our waterways and natural resources.

In this packet, you will find the following:

  • THE FACTS: Fun facts about the WaterVentures program
  • SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE: Ways you can share your WaterVentures’ experience within your community
    • Newsletter Example: A sample newsletter to spread the word to parents/guardians
    • Reaching out to local media: Tips on how to reach local media and a sample outreach letter
    • Social Media Posts: Sample posts to share your WaterVentures experience on social channels
    • Media alert: A sample media alert that can accompany your meida outreach letter
  • Activity Descriptions & WaterVentures Dimensions: Materials and activities to engage your students back in the classroom! Plus, WaterVentures truck and logistical information

Click HERE to download the media toolkit

We hope that you find our visit fun and engaging, but most importantly educational. If you have any questions or concerns please email Helen Scott at