Upcoming Events

WaterVentures occasionally attends public events and we would love for everyone to join us. Please check back for upcoming events!

11/6/17 - Crystal Springs Foundation Open House* - Crystal Springs Preserve  - Hours: noon-6pm, www.crystalspringsfoundation.org

 1/13-1/14/18 - Crystal River Manatee Festival - Three Sisters Spring - Hours: 9-3pm

1/18/18 - Water, Wings and Wild Things - Circle B Bar Reserve* - Hours: TBD

1/27-1/28/18 - Orange City Blue Springs Manatee Festival - Hours: TBD - http://themanateefestival.com/event-info.html



 * events marked with an * will be attended by our new Distance Learning Educator and not the actual WaterVentures truck.