Pre/Post Test Materials

Pre/Post Tests

Please administer the Pre Exhibit Test prior to any virtual field trip preparations with your students. Teachers have the option of administering an online version of the test or a printed version.  Data collected in class (not on Survey Monkey) should be sent to Thank you for taking the time to give this test to your students!

Pre/Post Test Links- Click here to find your online pre/post link

Pre/Post Test Printable- Please administer this Pre/Post Test prior to any field trip preparations with your students.  Once your students have completed the virtual field trip please administer the test once again.  Please submit test results to as soon as possible.

All About Alligators

All About Alligators Pre/Post Test Answer Key/Submission Form - If your students complete the printed version of the Pre/Post test, please submit this form to upon the completion of the WaterVentures visit. This does not have to be completed if your students completed the online Pre/Post test. 

Think Outside the Trash

Springs Around the World