DIY Planter!



Spring is in full swing! Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd 2018! The WaterVentures team decided to get into the spring spirit by making a DIY planter out of a recyclable water bottle! Below are the steps we took to create our planter. Feel free to make one yourself and put your own personal spin on it!


Materials needed:

Plastic bottle ( we used a 16.9 fl oz water bottle, however this will workfor a bottle of any size)

Spray paint ( since our pot was made to look like a pig, we chose pink  but choose whatever color you would like!)

Construction paper (again choose whatever color(s) you would like)



Plant (the plant will depend on the size of the bottle that you use and personal preference)







1. Take the label off of the bottle being used. Cut the bottle at about the halfway part so that the bottle Is in two halves. You will be using the bottom half of the bottle as your pot.

2. Use the scissors to create holes in the bottom of the plastic so that the water can flow out of it when you water the plant. I created 4 holes in the bottom of the plastic bottle.

3. Spray paint the plastic bottle. Set the bottle aside to let it dry.



 4. Draw and cut out, on the construction paper, the shapes that you wish to glue to your bottle. I cut out the face of a pig: its ears, eyes and nose. 





5. Once the spray paint has dried, use the glue to glue the cutouts onto the plastic bottle.

 6. Let the glue dry to ensure that your cutouts will not fall off.

 7. Place your plant into your DIY planter





Voila! It is THAT simple! Recycled materials can be used for a variety of different things. This project is great for both kids and adults. I hope everyone has a great spring and happy Earth Day! Happy planting!