The Mobile Lab

The WaterVentures Learning Lab is a traveling science center. This amazing vehicle is a 53 foot semi-trailer which has been customized to provide a platform for educational outreach programs.  The truck travels across Florida visiting schools, communities, and events. A dynamic staff of trained educators travel with the truck to schools, fairs and commmunities across Florida! There will be no self-guided tours.

Once at a location customized stairs and science equipment are pulled out of permanent storage compartments built into the lower frame of the trailer. The vehicle features indoor and outdoor Learning Lab stations.

The outdoor activity center is designed to deploy on the left side of the truck. This area is covered by an automatic, retractable awning. The covered space will have an AV screen for educational presentations and hands on student stations such as, but not limited to, all about watersheds, a spring, river, coastal diaroma, water conservatio tower, global issues, and lets recycle!

Inside the semi-trailer the students will explore museum quality, directed learning activities. The exhibits will focus on water education and increasing awareness of how water moves through our lives. The artistic exhibits encourage positive stewardship of Florida’s diverse watersheds through a variety of inquiry based activities.

Mission of WaterVentures:

WaterVentures provides top quality environmental education that empowers students and citizens to be responsible stewards of Florida, and encourages them to make environmentally conscious decisions. WaterVentures education team inspires appreciation, understanding and respect for Florida’s water resources. WaterVentures public programs focus on conservation and understanding of Florida’ ecosystems. These programs are enhanced by the use of state of the art, high tech, hands on environmental education.  WaterVentures, Florida’s Learning Lab brings the exciting world of science education directly to the students and citizens of Florida by visiting schools, fairs and communities throughout the state.

Memberships and Certifications: