Our Team



  • Le'a was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida
  • She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Forest Resources and Conservation from The University of Florida
  • She loves being outdoors, being at the beach, and visiting springs! 




  • Courtney comes to us from beautiful Canada!  
  • She completed her Master's in Education for Sustainability at Griffith University in Brisbane Australia and her undergraduate degree from Brock University in Ontario.  
  • Some of her experience includes educating 10-12-year-old students about Earth's natural resources in a hands-on manner with the Wild Mountains organization in Australia.
  • Courtney enjoys photography and visiting new places.  Her other love are her Shelties!  
  • Courtney is also a certified Florida Master Naturalist and completed 120 course hours to obtain this certification.




  • Mark has been driving for 30 years and has visited the lower 48 states, Canada and Mexico adding up to over a MILLION miles on the road.
  • The women in Mark's life have all chosen to dedicate their lives to the military in one form or another.  His wife of 38 years is a retired Army Master Sargent, RN and hospital clinical director.  While his 2 daughters are serving in the Navy and Coast Guard Reserves in addition to attending nursing school and teaching respectively.  
  • In his spare time Mark enjoys paddle boarding, kayaking, flipping houses with his wife, and his new hobby, kite surfing!
  • Mark recently completed all 120 hours of the Florida Master Naturalist program.